Unser Team

From students (with Profs) for students

We are an organisation, which supports students in planning and realizing their semester abroad. Years ago we sent our first student to Bali, Indonesia, where we hold a cooperation with Udayana University.

Students appreciate the strong and trustful collaboration and the intense relation to our organisation team, which mainly consists of alumni. In numerous conversations with students as well as during information events at universities across Germany, where we present our organisation, we found out that students are also interested in absolving a semester in foreign countries.

Flexible and dynamical in your Semester abroad in Bali

As a student you will have the opportunity to travel abroad and profit from a range of academic classes and courses. We offer you the possibility to explore new places and to see the world from a different perspective. At the same time our our study programmes are designed to match the requirements of your home university.

Expuni works in partnership with Udayana University and Udayana alumni to provide stimulating and flexible study programmes. We respect your individual preferences and conform to the standards of your home university. Courses completed at Udayana University can be accredited within the European BA/MA system.

We know from our former students how much the requirements of their home university influenced their choice. That is why we like to stay in touch with alumni to constantly update. The development of the study programmes and the various courses offered are as a result of this interaction.

We aim to offer you the most suitable and appealing study options so you are also free if you desire to attend courses from other programmes and study interdisciplinary.